Concept of Real-World Evidence (RWE)

All patients are different, and data collected during product development or Randomised Clinical Trials (RCT) does not always paint the full picture of everyday patients. RWE insights complement the manufacturing process and RCT findings, adding more value and providing real-world impact. While together data from the manufacturing process and RWD paint a fuller picture.

Due to the limitations of the study design, data from the manufacturing process and RCTs are inadequate for demonstrating an intervention’s long-term safety and effectiveness. Moreover, it is possible to compare multiple product or interventions in RWE.


The most important step in the market research process is defining the goals of the project. In this step we usually sit with the client to understand the root question that needs to be informed by market research.


 Primary vs. secondary


 Participants’ characteristics

 Inclusion/exclusion criteria

 Sample size

 Data collection/mining

 Data analysis

Setup and Manage the Research Proposal and Contracts

Define the target client

  • Identify a target product (e.g. Inhaler)
  • fully search about device profile

Marketing & sales plans

  • Online marketing
  • Arrange meetings
  • Keep updating clients

Specific needs of the client

  • Address the gap
  • Identify objectives
  • Key business problem

Aligning the Stakeholder Needs