As a specialist in healthcare, it is no surprise that MedixGlobal has a great deal of experience in research for pharmaceutical companies, having undertaken work for all the major global pharmaceutical manufacturers. An indication of the clients for whom we have worked with recently can be seen in “Our Clients”. The range of work undertaken is widespread, varying from pre-launch studies assessing product concepts, to physicians’ attitudes to products when mature or even off-patent. Subjects such as prescription intentions, treatment preferences, decision making processes and many others are included in the MedixGlobal range of experience. MedixGlobal’s online experience and capability in quantitative research enables accurate assessment of materials such as adverts and detail aids, providing reliable results on which strategic and tactical decisions can be taken. Testing of concepts in focus groups or in-depth interviews is undertaken for clients in central venues or in their own practices or hospitals. The range of therapy areas covers all the traditional clinical areas as well as system processes such as treatment pathways and commissioning processes. Examples of the types of research that MedixGlobal has undertaken, and the array of international studies performed can be seen in “Case Studies”, reflecting the multinational nature of pharmaceutical companies. Contact Mehdi Ehtesham for further details.


MedixGlobal has in-house expertise that ensures the highest quality studies and results. All aspects of healthcare can be covered ranging from consumer understanding and patient experience to research with key opinion leaders and assessment of products in development. The outcome of many years of experience is translated into an efficient and cost-effective research approach, producing reliable results. The respondent groups volunteer to participate in projects either online or face-to-face, so obtaining the right audience is achieved rapidly and consistently. The staff include a practising physician and specialists in healthcare research with many years of experience. Many projects have been undertaken with healthcare professionals, consumers and patients for a range of clients including pharmaceutical companies, national organisations and the media. MedixGlobal’s qualitative research covers areas such as strategic decisions and product position as well as decision-making processes with prescribers.

NHS Work

The NHS is currently an industry that is undergoing wholesale change and MedixGlobal helps individual Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) through research, ensuring that they can provide optimum levels of service whilst sticking within stringent budgetary constraints. All aspects of NHS work can be covered from service audits to service restructuring. Clinician, payor and patient opinions can all be gathered to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the issues involved. MedixGlobal’ internal expertise can then be applied to the analysis of the results to ensure that the maximum value is gained from the study. Also, MedixGlobal is currently helping new CCGs to ensure they can offer fully integrated treatment pathways connecting primary and secondary care providers through a novel use of the Delphi method, see here for details.