A wide range of tools and products designed to fulfil the most demanding quantitative and qualitative research requirement. All questionnaires are designed with the aim of obtaining the most accurate results in the most efficient way.

Whether a quantitative or qualitative methodology is employed, Medix’ research team is skilled in designing questionnaires that are clear, unambiguous, concise and interesting to ensuring reliable responses.


MedixGlobal is a leader in online research methodologies, providing services to pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, healthcare management consultancies, academic and medical institutions.


Medix has a number of pre-recruited panels of professionals in the UK and overseas who are ready and waiting to respond. MedixGlobal is the international division of Medix with access to healthcare professionals in Europe, the USA, Asian and throughout the world. The highest quality standards are applied to all projects and respondents to ensure secure and reliable results.

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